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FHB-GB Businesswoman of the Year Scholarship Packet

July - August 2014 Issue

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Crown offers customers the royal treatment


General manager

Crown Bakery
121 Route 10, Barrigada
Open since 1972

Who is the owner of Crown Bakery?
The bakery is owned by Delbert Swegler.

How and when did the bakery get started?
It started back in 1972 with baker Albert Malinowski, whose family owned a bakery in Poland. He happened to be a good friend of Swegler. At the time, Swegler owned a construction company, but Malinowski persuaded him to open a bakery and promised him success. Malinowski ran the bakery for Swegler, and he baked using some of his family's old recipes.

Where did the name Crown Bakery come from?
We wanted to be the best bakery on Guam, so what better name than Crown Bakery? Malinowski promised that the bakery would be very successful. As a symbol, a crown shows strength and achievement. We wanted to work toward that.

Has the bakery always been at its current location?
Yes, it's been here for 40 years. Swegler chose this location based on his intuition — being in construction, he knew where the hot spots were on Guam.

How long have you been working at the bakery?
I've been helping the family, on and off, since I was young. I started off as a dishwasher.

How has business been the last few years?
The business has been growing. With the construction [on the tri-intersection] last year it was kind of rough, but it is picking back up. We're very happy to have such loyal customers.

What is the bakery's most popular offering?
Our cakes are our most popular items. We offer a large selection of European baked goods, but our milk bread and hot donuts have become really popular. We usually sell about a couple hundred dozen hot donuts a day, and our prices are cheaper than our competitors. A lot of customers say our donuts are better than Krispy Kreme's.

Are there any new items at the bakery?
We've been selling cake pops, which are like a little round cake on a popsicle stick. They're dipped in chocolate ganache. We also offer edible images – customers bring in any picture or image and we print it out on edible paper, then we apply that to a cake or even cupcakes.

What services do you provide customers?
We offer many services, from delivery to special items. Our people deliver to hotels and restaurants all over the island — our wholesaler list is pretty long — and we also deliver things like bread and wedding cakes.
We also have a sugarless and eggless recipe for some of our products. We always welcome suggestions from our customers. In fact, I just tried a new recipe for our milk bread, which turned out pretty good.

What are some of the biggest challenges for a bakery?
Probably gas prices. We're always trying to keep prices down for our customers as much as we can, even with rising fuel costs.
And it can get pretty busy, especially during the morning rush. But our people in the back work hard to keep customers happy.

Looking ahead, are there any changes in store for Crown Bakery?
We're planning on upgrading our equipment and bakery, which includes expanding — we're doing these upgrades to better serve our customers. We have upgraded our checkout with much-needed barcode scanners, and we might have two cashiers instead of one. We've been trying our best to speed up the lines to help people get in and out faster, especially when it's time for our hot donuts. We made the upgrades in April to better serve our customers.


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