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July - August 2014 Issue

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Recognizing achievement now and for the future

Frank Whitman

As we have for the last seven years, Guam Business Magazine takes pride in one of its signature events. We are delighted to be able to announce Mary P. Torre as the 2012 First Hawaiian Bank Guam Business Magazine Businesswoman of the Year.

Torre is the president of the Guam Hotel & Restaurant Association and of MARQ Consulting. She is also involved with a plethora of nonprofit and civic organizations, in addition to successfully raising two children. Torre is deservedly recognized as a leader and a role model throughout Guam's business community. The term multitasking may well have been coined with Torre in mind.

The First Hawaiian Bank Guam Business Magazine Businesswoman of the Year award recognizes women who have been successful in business, and who have gone beyond that success and have also made significant contributions to the community — who have not forgotten their origins and who have "given back." Torre is an appropriate example of success on both counts.

Of course, such an award is prestigious based, in part, on the list of those who have won it in the past and those who are competing for it. The prestige of the past winners speaks for itself; they are among the most recognizable and most successful businesswomen on Guam. They continue to be role models for young people starting in business – by working hard, operating successful businesses and being involved in the community.

And we're impressed with the accomplishments, as well as the diversity, of the slate of nominees who vied for this year's award. We think that just about every aspect of the island's economy is represented — from a university professor to veterans of the travel industry to realtors to a media member to a customer service expert to a health care provider to a couple of true entrepreneurs — providers of building supplies, healthy and beauty treatment, and food service. All have made significant contributions in their fields of endeavor and all volunteer time and resources to the many worthy causes that benefit our community. And all do so at the same time they are dealing with the challenges of being a woman in business.

We believe that the program has value because of the impact it will continue to have on the community, so we'd like to remind our readers that in addition to recognizing deserving members of our island's business community, the First Hawaiian Bank Guam Business Magazine Businesswoman of the Year program raises money for college scholarships for students pursuing a degree in a business-related field at the University of Guam, Guam Community College and Northern Marianas College.

Since the inception of the program, it has awarded $117,835 in scholarships including $16,380 to seven students in October 2011, and $15,705 to eight students in March. We believe we're building a sustainable program that will bear fruit well into the future — we're especially looking forward to the day when one of our scholarship recipients becomes a First Hawaiian Bank Guam Business Magazine Businesswoman of the Year recipient. Clearly, the program is worth supporting – if you didn't make it to this year's gala, we hope to see you at next year's and look forward to your support.



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